Were you born of love or hatred?

The idea of birth is magical. Two people loving each other, materialising their love into a new being, cherishing each other’s, respecting each other’s, honouring each other. Ideally, one should find their soulmate, practice sex consciously and lovingly, and honour the conception of a newborn for the baby to be born with the belief of being loved and appreciated.

But it’s not the case for everyone. Maybe you were conceived by loving parents who knew what they were doing and were conscious enough to express love in their sexual relationships. But let’s face it: the reality is different for most of us.

How many times do we use sex with anger, stress, worry? How many times aren’t we fully present when sharing our bodies, our skins and our DNA? How many times have people felt obliged to have sex to respond to someone else’s desire? And even more, how many times are people being conceived in abusive or criminal circumstances?

Were you born of love or hatred?

The trauma of conception is at the root of many self-hatred and self-harm patterns. When a newborn is conceived, an energy imprint of both parents is created. In other terms, the energy in which one is when conceiving matters. That’s the first input that the baby is going to receive. That’s the first belief they are being built on.

We should all be born of love. But the truth is we are sometimes born of hatred, fear, worry, bargaining, abuse. This can lead to questioning our own existence, hating ourselves, believing that we don’t and can’t even belong. We are questioning life itself, and our right to be on earth and alive.

What can result from this trauma:
– You constantly believe that you are guilty and should be punished
– You have a profound sense of self-loathing
– You have a tendency to harm yourself, physically or emotionally
– You feel like you don’t belong
– You are questioning your worthiness to exist
– You feel completely disconnected from the world

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How to heal the lack of love during conception?

In healing sessions we are going to look at the pregnancy of the mother: was she healthy and safe or stressed out and abused? Did she enjoy carrying a baby or was it painful for her? Did she ever want to have a child in the first place?
All of these doubts, fears and thoughts are being transmitted to the baby during the stages of the pregnancy. As an adult, you are still carrying thought forms from that time and even before as you and your mother are basically one. When we heal from lack of self-love we go back to childhood, but also to the time of pregnancy and the time of conception. We observe what beliefs and emotions were created at that time, which is the root of stagnant self-hatred and deprecation.

We can create so many changes by connecting the energy and the traumatic memory held in the subconscious. In a session, I guide you in a meditative state to reach that moment of trauma and we reprogram it together by reimprinting new memories.

Here is the guided meditation to reprogram the moment of conception:

1. Go within your heart and expand in the energy of all that is

2. Ask your subconscious to go back to the point of conception

3. Command the current energy/emotion to be sent to the light

4. Ask for the energy of unconditional love to be put into place and observe the changes being made

5. Rinse yourself off in the shower of light

6. Go back to your body and ground yourself

Self-love is a journey

When you release and replace the emotion that was imprinted on the moment of conception, you are releasing a complete conditioning. You are shifting from fear to love. No one can take away your worthiness to be loved. This is your birth right.
To complete a self-love healing you might need to work on reparenting your inner child and observe the conditions in which you grew up but also understand how your mother’s pregnancy impacted you, as well as the first month of your birth.

Self-love is a journey, and I am happy to support you on it.
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I am Héra, Intuitive healer and Theta healing teacher. My purpose is to bring joy and peace in your relationships through a journey to self-love. 

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