The different types of Soul Contracts in relationships

One thing I find deeply interesting in our incarnation process is the way our relationships are determined.
Before we incarnate on Earth, our Soul is living in the “in-between” (the fifth plane according to the Theta Healing teachings) where we prepare what is coming up for our next journey on Earth.

You probably already heard of the idea that the Soul chooses its parents and family before incarnation to clear its karma and learn some specific life lessons that are getting us closer to unity consciousness. And it is simply because on Earth the simplest and fastest way to learn life lessons is through relationships.

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Think about it: where do your triggers mostly come from? others. It can be through a romantic relationship but also with your boss, siblings, best friend, or this random stranger in the street that yelled at you once and made you think about your ability to stand up for yourself.

Everyone can be a part of your incarnation process and soul contracts, but 3 specific soul contracts will make you evolve more than others by opening your heart in so many ways that they will always be reminded.

The different types of Soul Contracts: Twin Flames

Oh Boï, I am starting with this one as this is probably the type of soul contract that will bring the biggest changes in your existence. The twin flame relationship is challenging. When you meet a twin flame you feel deeply connected to them like you have known each other forever. They have everything you would look for in a partnership, you feel like they can read within you like in an open book. Yet, something is quickly becoming off: you get triggered easily on fear of abandonment or rejection, there is a push and pull dynamic that only seems to balance through intimate connection and the relationship is restless.

A twin flame relationship is basically trauma bonding. It will bring up your wounds and unravel the darkest parts of you and makes you question the nature of your relationship. It will feel intense, insane, passionate, and probably painful most of the time. It is probably the type of unhealthy relationship that we accept the most, as it is often mistaken with real love.

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My twin flame relationship really made me question my sanity at some point: how could it be so painful while we had an amazing connection? And later on: how did we get from intimacy to complete strangers?
But that’s their job… Triggering the hell out of you for deeper self-love to awaken. If you are in a twin flame relationship, you don’t have anything specific to do except experiencing it, up to the point where the contract is over through the evolution or dissolution of the relationship. But if you experience any kind of abuse in this relationship, I suggest you to leave, your emotional and physical integrity should always be the priority.

Rarely, the twin flame relationship will evolve into a Soulmate relationship. It can happen when the two people involved are ready to commit to a change and a common work.

The different types of Soul Contracts: Soulmates

Soulmates relationships are amazing. They illustrate the beauty of love on Earth. You will recognize Soulmates when you see them or when you experience a Soulmate relationship yourself. Soulmates are easy. Communication is fluid, the connection is present, you feel like you can connect on a deep level. When a conflict arises, both parties talk about it to make it better because what matters most is to be even. Soulmates are part of your soul family and can appear in your life as friends, family members, partners and even pets.

When you meet a Soulmate you are also evolving. But the growth is made in an easy, calm and confident way. You are not seeing your deepest wounds coming to the surface again to be healed, instead the trust, love and intimacy that you exchange with that being is what heals you from your past by simply implementing the trust you often lack. Soulmates are here to help us rise from the ashes of the devastating energies that we are encountering in toxic relationships. The lessons that you are learning are coming in a different form like “Oh, this person is actually treating me well, maybe I am worthy of love in the end…” compared to a twin flame relationship that would make you question your worthiness over and over again.

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Twin Flames and Soulmates are not necessarily made to live their whole life with you. They can stay for days, months, years. You will probably always remember the impact they had on your life, what you learned and how it made you evolve. Where Twin Flames will let you wondering if Love even makes sense, Soulmates will give you a feeling of hope and completion. You don’t fear losing a Soulmate, as you know that what you are feeling towards them will remain no matter what happens.

How to break a Soul Contract?

There are two principal ways of breaking up a Soul Contract, first of all you can simply live the relationship and experience the highs and lows of it. With Twin Flames you will mostly learn how to leave and choose yourself or how to accept a love that you truly deserve. Twin Flames are fast-tracking your spiritual development so much that you will learn many lessons over a small amount of time. As you live, you grow. And what matters most in that Soul Contract is your ability to pass through it.

Another way of breaking a Soul Contract would be to understand the lessons that you are learning and to complete them. If for example, you are learning that love is your birthright and that you deserve to be treated correctly then you will be put in situations where you are being disrespected for you to stand up for yourself and set boundaries. Once you take actions in the name of self-love and self-love only, the contract ceases to exist.

Heal your relationships

You can also decide to work on your triggers and belief systems that are being challenged in this relationship and for that, I deeply recommend a Healing session as we can resolve triggers and old wounds easily and quickly and help you get out of the Twin Flame unhealthy dynamic.
If you are currently struggling in this type of complex relationship, feel free to contact me so that we can find the best solution for your emotional health.

Want to see quick and significant changes? Let me help you to break the pattern through 1:1 healing sessions. My healing sessions are tailored-made to help you transform your relationships, reconnect to yourself, and meet the right person for you.


I am Héra, Spiritual teacher and intuitive healer and the Creator of Love Is the First Step. My purpose is to bring joy and peace in your relationships through a journey to self-love. 

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