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Energy healings and activations

Free healing tools

Meditation: clear your space

living room, couch, sofa

This is an energy clearing to help you clear your space. You can use it every time you are cleaning your house or when you feel like getting an energy boost in your home.  Just chill and let me do the work.

Meditation: business clearing

business clearing

Sometimes energetic blocks are trapped in the extensions of ourselves. Here is an energy clearing for your business. Close your eyes, and let the energy carry you.

E-book : Reparent your inner child

reparent your inner child

Learn to reparent your inner child in seven days. I like to consider this ebook like a workbook. It contains journal prompts and mantras to help you connect to your inner child and learn to take more care of yourself.

Check list : Morning routine

join the inner circle

Here is my go-to routine. That’s what I do everyday to keep a smile on my face and energise my body. These are really simple tools that you can use everyday.

Join Holdspace for monthly energy healings and clearings

Join a group of healers for free energy updates and clearings twice a month to help you step up into a new energy

Workbook: Overcome the fear of abandonment

Overcome the fear of abandonment

15 pages of self-reflection about the fear of being abandoned, self-love and shadow work.

The podcast

Love is the first step is a podcast about the hard moments that led us to who we are. In each episode, a special guest describes it’s first act of real self-love and what led to that decision.

Today we are going to talk about the wound of being loved to much with Sharif H Joynson, a relationship coach and masculinity expert. He is also the author of the soon-to-be-released book ‘Loving the Unhealed Man’ in which he reveals what lies in the heart of those wounded men that women hate to love.

Love is the first step podcast

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