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One-to-one Healing sessions are made for people who want to speed-up their spiritual development and are ready to step-up in the highest and best version of themselves. Everything is already inside of you, like a seed already has everything to grow. I am here to help you get rid of the repetitive patterns in your life, bad habits, feeling of being lost or stuck.

During a session, we work on reprogramming your subconscious limiting beliefs that block you from achieving your goals. Once the beliefs are cleared, you have a better clarity on your path, you no longer act from a place of limitation but from a place of complete freedom, creation and playfulness.

Price : 200€

Book a Healing package :

5 sessions that you can use within one year.

We can adapt a program depending on your needs. In that case make sure to book a clarity call to talk about your issues and goals.

Price : 800€

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Hera Love is the first step

How does it work ?

You want to take the leap but you don’t know how a session really works ?

Let’s have a free clarity call.

I will answer all your questions and redirect you to what is the best solution for you.



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