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One-to-one Theta Healing sessions are made for people who want to speed-up their spiritual development and are ready to step-up in the highest and best version of themselves. Everything is already inside of you, like a seed already has everything to grow. I am here to help you get rid of the repetitive patterns in your life, bad habits, feeling of being lost or stuck.

During a session, we work on reprogramming your subconscious limiting beliefs that block you from achieving your goals. Once the beliefs are cleared, you have a better clarity on your path, you no longer act from a place of limitation but from a place of complete freedom, creation and playfulness.

Price : 200€

Book a Theta Healing package :

5 sessions that you can use within one year.

We can adapt a program depending on your needs. In that case make sure to book a clarity call to talk about your issues and goals.

Price : 800€

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Soul Travel

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A Soul Travel is a state of trance created by slowing the rhythm of your brainwaves (4 – 7 Hz) using meditation, sound and crystals. This dreamlike state transcends the limits of reality to expand the consciousness to other realms. It passes by the limitations of the mind to allow the connection with higher states of consciousness.

You never leave your body, and extra time is allowed after the session to make sure to clean your aura and to ground you back on Earth. Meanwhile you will learn to travel with your soul, without the need to take psychedelics and while being completely safe and protected.

The session

In a session we can go through the different planes of existence and parallel universes. You can receive activations and answers from your ancestors, galactic soul family, visit your past lives and resolve ancestral traumas. You can either decide to go to a particular realm, or just to obtain a particular healing. Either way, you will be conducted exactly where you need. You can trust your soul to know exactly where to go.

In a session we have time to travel 2 to 3 destinations. We start by defining your needs and what you would like to heal/answer. Then I guide you to build your crystal layout in your own space. (Crystals are not an obligation but they help to travel easier and clarify the messages).

  • Shapeshifting (transforming yourself in another form, animal, vegetal, mystical creatures)
  • Extra & Intra terrestrial (Pleiades, parallel worlds)
  • Past & Future lives
  • Akashic records
  • 5th plane with the Ascended Masters, angels & guides

Soul travels appointments are made online, through Zoom or Skype.

Duration : 1h30. Time to meet and understand your needs, guide you through your crystal layout and specify your travel.

Price : 180€

You will need :

Props :

A glass of salted water, a nice place to lay down, energy cleaners (sage, incense, palo santo…),

If Crystal Layout :

at least 5 crystals including

  • One to ground : black tourmaline, obsidian
  • Two to connect up : a clear quartz, rose quartz, amethyst, (The effect is increase with sacred geometry, like Merkabah crystal)
  • Two to drive : Spheres preferably, or round shaped clear crystals
  • You can add more crystals depending of the intention of the session and to intensify the experience

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