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One to one Sessions

One-to-one Theta Healing sessions are made for people who want to speed-up their spiritual development and are ready to step-up in the highest and best version of themselves. Everything is already inside of you, like a seed already has everything to grow. I am here to help you get rid of the repetitive patterns in your life, bad habits, feeling of being lost or stuck.

During a session, we work on reprogramming your subconscious limiting beliefs that block you from achieving your goals. Once the beliefs are cleared, you have a better clarity on your path, you no longer act from a place of limitation but from a place of complete freedom, creation and playfulness.

Price : 200€

5 sessions that you can use within one year.

We can adapt a program depending on your needs. In that case make sure to book a clarity call to talk about your issues and goals.

Price : 800€

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#01 - Out of the Dark Night

Entering a Spiritual Awakening is magnificient but it can become challenging when you enter what we call the Dark Night of the Soul. This process can bring the best of you, but not always on the easiest way.

Because we all have a different experience of it, I offer this program to help you get out of the Dark Night and become who you were born to be.

#02 - Unlock your Intuitive Skills

You are a sensitive soul and you perceive what is around you differently. You start to feel the “call” of something higher. You would like to learn how to connect with your intuition, hear your guides, understand the signs the universe is sending to you ? You would like to learn a modality that can help you improve your connexion and psychic gifts ?

All packages include a membership to the program Waking Life.

#03 - Step Into your Heart's Desires

Become your true divine nature. This 6 month program helps you to find and express your soul mission. When you align with your life-purpose you are flowing with your inner divinity, trusting that what life brings is here to help you grow. You stop doubting your presence on Earth and you evolve with grace, knowing that where you are at is needed to become who you want to be. You express yourself from that place of deep inner knowing.

All packages include a membership to the program Waking Life.

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