Break free from toxic relationships and learn to fully love yourself in this 12 weeks transformative journey

Starting October 28th, 2020

Are you in (one of) those situations?

  • You always meet the same kind of partner
  • You are never treated with support, respect and care
  • You feel, unworthy, rejected, unseen in your relationships and feel like you are going to be abandoned
  • You always end up resenting your partner or yourself
  • You feel uncomfortable at the idea of putting your needs first
  • You feel unsafe in a relationship but you are not able to leave
  • You are afraid to date again
  • You chase emotionally unavailable people
  • You have an idea of relationship that never matches the reality

The three core wounds that impact your relationships


Codependency is the annihilation of your boundaries. It is a learned behaviour in which your sense of self has to come through the eyes of somebody else


Abuse is is an expression of domination onto another. It often become a cycle betwen tension and calm


Neglect is the absence or refusal of affection. It often results in self-neglect or self-abandonment.

In twelve weeks we are going to focus on your core wounds and the way it is expressed in your experience. Traumas can be healed. Self-love is key.

Are you ready?



A 12 week LIVE online program to help you break free from toxic relationships, mend your heart and start attracting the right partners for you. We mix self-development and energy healing techniques to help you recover from your traumas and regain mastery over your life.

In this program we will...

  • Explore your limiting beliefs and unlock them with NLP techniques and Theta Healing
  • Reprogram your subconscious mind so that you can release traumas and live from a place of self-mastery
  • Go inside the depth of your family tree to free yourself from the genetic patterns that are impacting your social interactions
  • Give tips and action plans to reparent yourself efficiently
  • Unravel the roots of codependency and emotional addiction to manifest relationships based on interdependency


Journal Prompts

Put your thoughts and past on paper with exclusive prompts that will help you heal and grow! Journaling helps creating new habits, rewire your brain and brings mindfulness to your life.

Live Energy Clearings

Receive energy upgrade and activations in monthly Facebook lives. With those clearing we are going to free your subconscious mind from the limiting beliefs that keep you from having healthy relationships

Rituals and lessons

This is more than just learning. You are going to take actions towards a greater experience of love. Creating new habits is key for a mindset that aligns with your true desires

Details of the program

Week #1: Mend your heart for a better future

Week #2: Releasing vows, oaths and contracts from all lifetimes

Week #3: Create sacred space for renewal

Week #4: Get to know yourself

Week #1: Break free from attracting Father/Mother figures

Week #2: Heal the Father / Mother wounds

Week #3: Clear your family karma

Week #4: Learn how to reparent yourself using a unique framework “The Reparenting Process”

Week #1: Creating healthy boundaries

Week #2: Recover from emotional addictions

Week #3: Rebuild the paradigm of your love history

Week #4: Embracing and honoring your new self

Includes features like:

  • A 24/7 support group on Facebook
  • A private healing session with me
  • A dedicated audio energy clearing
  • 3 guided meditations to help you find peace and balance

This is for you if...

  • You are in a toxic, codependent or abusive relationship
  • You just broke up with someone and you need to mend your heart
  • You are on a self-love journey and want to overcome your core wounds and attract the right person for you
  • You want to heal your family dynamic and end transgenerational patterns
  • You are an action-taker and love-seeker

This is not for you if...

  • You don't believe in the universal intelligence, God, Creator, Pure Consciousness, Source or the name that suits you the best.
  • You already found your soulmate or Divine life partner
  • You don't feel ready to break free from your toxic partners
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Héra Laskri

Hey, I am Hera, the creator of The Reparenting Process. 

In my life experience, I had plenty of toxic relationships, starting in my childhood before I replayed my family dynamic with friends and lovers. This never ended up well. I was trapped in codependency, allowing my partners to treat me badly, attracting emotionally unavailable people. Until the day I decided to take care of my core wounds and choose to Love myself first.

This program is made with my heart. With all the tools and modalities I used during my recovery, crafted in a 12 week fast tracking experience that will free you from your toxic relationships by reprograming your subconscious patterns thanks to a unique framework : The Reparenting Process.


  • A 12 weeks workbook to help you on your journey
  • A lifetime access to the program
  • An access to the support group
  • A free Healing Private session with me
  • A personalised energy clearing audio


148 per month for 3 months
  • A 12 weeks workbook to help you on your journey
  • A lifetime access to the program
  • An access to the support group

Frequently asked questions

No ! This is a live program. Being in a group can bring transformational changes when we all work at the same pace.

Preferably ! But if you are in a different timezone (We are in CET/CEST) you can catch up via the replay.

Sure ! You can either pay in full or monthly.

No ! We don’t refund and we consider that we delivered the program correctly. The more you give, the more you get back.

Yes ! Love is the first step season 2 will come in 2021, stay tuned

Absolutely ! You can review the lives and healings as much as you want. You will also be a part of the Love is the First Step inner circle where you will receive energy updates, Lives and 24/7 support from the community. 

The program is going to take one to two hours of your time per week!


The enrolment is closed for this autumn.