Break free from toxic relationships in a 12 weeks self-love journey

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A 12 week LIVE online program to help you break free from toxic relationships, mend your heart and start attracting the right partners for you. We mix self-development and energy healing techniques to help you recover from your traumas and regain mastery over your life.

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Héra Laskri

Hey, I am Hera, the creator of Love is the first step.

In my life experience, I had plenty of toxic relationships, starting in my childhood before I replayed my family dynamic with friends and lovers. This never ended up well. I was trapped in codependency, allowing my partners to treat me badly, attracting emotionally unavailable people. Until the day I decided to take care of my core wounds and choose to Love myself first.

This program is made with my heart. With all the tools and modalities I used during my recovery, crafted in a 12 week fast tracking experience that will free you from your toxic relationships by reprograming your subconscious patterns.

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