Reparent your inner child in seven days

You will learn how to...

  • Connect to your inner child
  • Calm your nervous system and manage your emotions
  • Reprogram your traumas and reparent yourself

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The most important relationship you will have

The inner-child is that part of you that is waiting for your attention. It is the one who is hurt, the one who is joyful, the one who desires and the one who have faith. This is the part of you that is reaching out for love, YOUR love. And when your inner child is not fully loved by you, then you are more likely to attract partners that will only reflect those wounds that are waiting to heal.

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About Héra

Hey, I am Hera, intuitive healer and the creator of Love is the first step.

In my life experience, I had plenty of toxic relationships, starting in my childhood before I replayed my family dynamic with friends and lovers. This never ended up well. I was trapped in codependency, allowing my partners to treat me badly, attracting emotionally unavailable people. Until the day I decided to take care of my core wounds and choose to Love myself first.

Reparenting have been a tool that I used in my personal life as well as my clients. It helped me reconnect to myself and follow my true desires instead of giving my power away. That’s freedom.

7 days to reparent your inner child

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