Inner child Healing circles

Reconnect to your creative energy

inner child healing circles

A 2 hours online workshop

Inner child healing circles encompass intuitive guidance, energy healing and creative practices. We encourage self-expression through intuitive and impulsive crafting that bypasses the limitations of the mind and ego to reach pure essence.

I guide you into the reconnection to your inner child and into the clearing of stuck emotions to awaken your ability to heal yourself.

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This is for you if:

This workshop adresses you relationship to yourself, the way you perceive your dreams and hopes. It encourages you to treat yourself with more love and respect. This is a group healing session, you can expect discoveries, emotional release and a feeling of peace and safety after the session.

inner child healing

The inner child healing circles when we could meet in person. Here in Paris at La Recyclerie.

inner child healing circle library

The inner child healing circles when we could meet in person. Here in Budapest at the Public Library.

Event details

Where: Online – via google meet

Duration: 2 hours

Limited to 6 people per session

Props: bring your notebook, art supplies, scraps and materials. whatever creative tool you enjoyed working with as a child

Price: 20€


Next circle: June 26th – 4 pm CET