Human Design Readings

Discover your unique design

The Human Design is a system combining the knowledge of astrology, the I Ching, the Kabbalah and the Chakras. It gives an overview of your incarnation, the type of energy you are bringing to the world and ways of using it for your highest good.

Human design can give you many informations about the way you can operate in life to reach a level of happiness and contentment. Getting to know yourself and your gifts through this system can really help you reconnect to your soul essence, however you may also find limitations in your design. I recommend you to consider those limitations as potential blocks but not as opportunities to operate through self-deprecation, defeating mechanisms and self-harm. The informations that you take out of this reading should always go through your own filters. Not everything will resonate as you read it. It might resonate later on, or not. Go as you see fit.

The Human Design system also shows parts of the self that have been conditioned by your environment, values and beliefs. To operate fully in your design you will need to go through a deconditioning by letting go of energies and programs that are not serving your purpose.

Human Design Reading Level 1

A dive into your human design type, profile and incarnation cross.
In the first level we cover your:

The first level gives you an analysis on your type of energy and how you can best interact with the world.
It includes a complete guide that helps you understand how to use your Human Design to navigate through life easily and peacefully. You will learn where your conditioning might pressure you into becoming who you are not, and how to get closer to your true self.

This includes:

– A complete guidebook of the basics of your Human Design
– A 75 min 1:1 explanatory session where I can answer your questions on how to use Human Design for the best

Price:  $175/160€/230AUD

Human Design Reading Level 2

We go deeper on your design in this level 2 reading:

  • We are going to explore your keys and gates to understand how the energies of each centres apply to you.
  • What energies are present on your conscious and your unconscious? In which area of your life do they apply?
  • What are the areas of your life that are needing a profound reconditioning?
  • We will also take a look at how your energy impact the world as a collective and why knowing how to interact with it matters.

We will explore:

This includes:
– An explanatory guidebook
– A 75min 1:1 advanced session to cover how to distribute your energy evenly in the areas of your life

Price: $175/160€/230AUD