How improving your relationships will help you save time and energy

I recently immerged myself into the reading of the book “Essentialism” by Greg Mckeown. And as I was applying most of the concepts to my business in order to save time and energy I wondered what was in my life a waste of it. I recall all the time I was spending time not doing what I really wanted to do while I was spending lots of time investigating in relationships.

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Improve the relationships that drain you

I used to spend many hours obsessing over someone, trying to make a relationship work, waiting for text messages and calls that never came. I also let myself drop in a rabbit hole of having some categories of friends that were just absorbing my energy while depriving me of it. That’s the kind of people we call “Energy Suckers”.

Don’t get me wrong, I am not saying that you should eliminate every person of your life to get your time and energy back but some relationships are more worthy of your time and attention than others. If you are nurturing a relationship alone there is something off with it. It’s like watering the plants of your neighbors while not taking care of the plants in your home. In other terms : you cannot do the job for two people on your own.

You might have noticed that for some people you are not enjoying that much the time that you are spending together. You are more using it to get out of boredom or in the expectation that something will happen or maybe by the fear of missing out. And when you are actually spending time with that person you are secretly wishing that you would be doing anything else but that.

Or sometimes we might be entangled in unhealthy relationships in which we spend more of our time and energy while wishing we had more of that time and everything could be peacefully functional.

Remember that the universe hates emptiness and is constantly filling up the void. And sometimes it is filled up with things you don’t really want. By accepting to stay in unhealthy dynamics you are allowing your time and energy to be wasted like a leaking pipe. ​

So ask yourself : Is this the kind of relationship that I want to nurture ?

We are currently in a time of our lives when we try to always do more, where what is valued is the number of different experiences instead of the deepness of it. We value new relationships, new jobs, new items, new projects while not really valuing the deepens or the joy of it.

Reflect on that statement :

Is this a relationship that is bringing me the joy and fulfillment I am looking for ?

The more you choose to nurture the relationships that are important for you the less you are going to create time to water the plants of your neighbour. This is the famous quality over quantity things.

Setting boundaries for all the kind of energy suckers in your life is what is going to bring you free time and help you save your energy. There is power in saying no to the people you don’t really want in your life. Yeah sure, they might be upset at the beginning. But you will end up really respected for setting up standards and boundaries in your life because that means that you are valuing your time and space – yourself.

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I am Héra, Spiritual teacher and intuitive healer and the Creator of Love Is the First Step. My purpose is to bring joy and peace in your relationships through a journey to self-love. 

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