How can Theta Healing help you find your Soul Purpose?

If you know a bit about the incarnation process, you will probably know that we are not here by mistake. You weren’t born in that particular family, at that particular time, in that particular place for no reason at all. The universe is not ridiculous, nor lazy. There is a meaning to your presence on Earth, a point to your incarnation. The problem is: how can we find it?

When I was little (born in the ’90s), I was fond of the Girl’s band named The Spice Girls. I was constantly dancing and singing on their songs, imagining myself on a stage with a mic and a team of girlfriends to sing with me. That was my life purpose on my extraverted moments. When I was a bit older I started to draw, create designs, patterns and I wanted the things on the paper to come alive in front of my eyes. Then came a time where I wanted to become a doctor. Well, it wasn’t conscious, but I already had this ease in analyzing what could be painful for someone, and any pieces of information regarding neurosciences would go straight into my brain and stick. In high school, I had this phase when I wanted to connect to the stars through astrophysics, followed by a long moment when I wanted to write stories, novels, and movies.

creative journaling

What did I end up studying? Marketing.

Why did I end up studying it? Because I got that this was the only thing I could do. Either by the way the universe redirected me in my studies or by the things I slowly dropped because of lack of professional talent (you don’t want to hear me sing).

But you know what? These things you love when you are young, are part of your life purpose. Your life purpose is effortless. You have it in you, it is easy, it isn’t even something that you have to fight to connect to or achieve. In fact, it is more likely that your gifts and talents are so present daily that you don’t even pay attention to them. But people are willing to pay to learn what you already know by heart. Every day people are taking classes to know about what seems so natural for you, or they are trying to cultivate a characteristic or a value.

“And if this is so easy, why can’t I see it” – you ask.
Because you have been conditioned to not see it anymore.

That’s where Theta Healing can help you: getting out of your old conditoning.

How can Theta Healing help you find your soul purpose?

Let’s go back to the concept of the levels of beliefs in Theta Healing. The levels of beliefs are places where you can be conditioned to be someone else but your true self:



Core: Between 0-7 years old, your brain is in a Theta state. It absorbs everything around you: energies, projections, beliefs, and integrates it as Truth. That’s where most of your traumas are formed, that’s where you experience your first wounds, distortions, and definitions.

Genetic: before you were born, passed down the genetic line. That’s the beliefs of your ancestry, the “it runs in the family” and “that’s how it is” feeling.

History: Past lives, collective consciousness, and very old genetic programming are held here. History can bring lessons but also limitations.
A big “that’s how it is” sensation. Beliefs that are here for so long that you don’t even see them as issues, they are part of you.

Soul: Before you incarnated here, beliefs around soul contracts, promises, and missions.

the 4 levels of beliefs in Theta Healing

As you unravel your conditioning, your truth can appear.

That’s a lot when it comes to discovering who you are under the rubbles of who you think you should be. And don’t get me started on how we are conditioned by society to have a 9 to 5 job, a “normal life” and put our deepest dreams into our pockets, only taking them off to consider them as “passions” and not a purpose. But there are some warning signs: 

  • You feel frustrated by your daily life and don’t want to go out of bed in the morning
  • You feel like what you are doing is pointless and don’t find fulfillment in your current job/personal life
  • You feel called to do something else but you are lost, disoriented, detached from a positive outcome
  • You are afraid of taking the next step and experience disappointment 

Let me tell you that before I quit my job (and my master’s degree), leave my home country and my so-called “normal” life, I went through all those misalignment red flags. And when I felt and listened to my calling, nothing made more sense but make the changes that required to be made, for me to finally open the path that I was secretly hoping to be on one day. 

Theta Healing helped me decondition myself from the beliefs that: 


  • I needed a 9 to 5 to survive through life and make money 
  • I had to work for a company, a boss, someone else’s purpose
  • I need 100 diplomas and certifications before I can offer something meaningful to my audience 
  • I am condemned to fail, to be a mistake, to go back to normal 
  • I have to stay in the society and the same group of people for ages otherwise I am going to end up alone 

Changing your beliefs about yourself help you change the way you make decisions.

When you understand where the root of this belief comes from (core, genetic, history, soul), how it serves you (what do you gain from this belief), and why it got created (trauma, lesson, survival mechanism) then you can shift it instantly and completely change your mindset to help you get over those fears that keep you stuck into a comfort zone where you don’t want to be. 

I have learned that: 

  • I could make a living on my own practice, at my own pace, under my own decision process
  • I could use my gifts and talents and share them with those who are willing to learn what seems so natural for me 
  • Fearing failure was only my way of staying a little child and be rescued and that I could become an adult now
  • I will outgrow people anyway, or simply go on a different path and that’s ok

Empowering yourself, aligning with what is already inside of you comes as you start a process of deconditioning from your limiting beliefs. It doesn’t come from learning what you are here to do, it comes from remembering who you are by unraveling the layers of fake self that you subconsciously put on yourself. Get closer to who you are. And your inner truth will unfold. 

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I am Héra, Spiritual teacher and intuitive healer and the Creator of Love Is the First Step. My purpose is to bring joy and peace in your relationships through a journey to self-love. 

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