Healing your inner child with Theta Healing

healing the inner child with theta healing

Healing the inner child with Theta Healing is the most important part of my private healing sessions. Of course, sometimes the healing is going to be related to the genetic line of the consultant, sometimes a past life. But for many conditioning, experiences, and patterns, it is indeed about the inner child. (Or even the inner children).

The inner children are parts of ourselves that hold dreams as tight as traumas. They carry old experiences from childhood, programs that became self-sabotaging patterns as life passed by. But they also carry our real needs, our creative self, and our pure nature. As we grow old we tend to rely on the logical mind to decide what we want in life. Or we are so afraid of being authentic (by fear of being abandoned or rejected) that we perform to be accepted by society. Slowly but surely, the feeling of being disconnected from Self arises, we no longer know who we are and we feel like joy is unattainable. But this is just the result of a deep disconnection to this powerful part of yourself that is your inner child.

Healing the inner child: bringing full reconnection to the self

There are many ways to heal your inner child. I personally use a lot of journaling and NLP. And also, every time I run an inner child healing circle, it is also profitable for my inner child, as I learn a lot from my students.
But the modality that I use the most in my private sessions is Theta Healing. This energy healing modality helps reprogram subconscious belief systems by entering in a “theta state” (hypnosis state) and change the limiting programs into more empowering ones. It also allows you to connect with a different state of consciousness and different planes, as well as clearing limitations coming from your genetic line and past lives.

But this modality is also incredibly powerful when used on the inner child!
We can heal traumas and bad experiences that happened between the age of 0 to 7, instill new feelings, remove emotional blocks and recreate a deep connection to the hidden little one that is inside of you. Once we clear the “bad experience” we reintegrate the soul fragment of the inner child, now healed, with its lessons completely learned.

Healing the inner child is that simple?

Yes, you read well, it is THAT simple. we make healing sounds like it has to be complicated and long, but in fact, a session of an hour can shift lots of perspectives and patterns if we feel ready to let them go. And most importantly, the inner child work in a session creates a reconnection to yourself that you can continue to encourage along your journey, on your own.

Reparenting is the same thing as spending a Wednesday afternoon with a kid and giving him the best treats and activities to have a nice day, except that it’s not for someone else but for yourself this time.

Do you think you can be as caring for yourself that you are caring for others?
Do you need help to get into this process? Get a clarity call with me and see how we can help you reconnect to yourself.


I am Héra, Spiritual teacher and intuitive healer and the Creator of Love Is the First Step. My purpose is to bring joy and peace in your relationships through a journey to self-love. 

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