5 lessons from my spiritual awakening

My spiritual awakening didn’t happen over a night. First, I started to question the universe around me, wishing to see more than what I was seeing. It wasn’t enough. Life couldn’t be as negative as I was perceiving it. I was constantly complaining about my situation. Every time something was coming up for me, a punishment, a trauma, or a complete fall down of my emotional balance. I was under medication, depressed, lonely, and afraid of life. And I was complaining and pitying myself A LOT.

In other terms: I was ruled by guilt, shame, and sadness.

5 lessons from my spiritual awakening

Spiritual awakening and shifting mindsets

At that time, the simple idea of becoming more positive didn’t occur to me, I didn’t know what it was like to feel happy, energized, and even to have faith in life. I needed something to help me shift my mindset. I started therapy with a psychiatrist to help me get out of meds first, so I could get back on FEELING my emotions. Then, I started to reprogram my subconscious. I read about the subject, did hypnosis and EFT sessions and saw the power of changing beliefs and thought patterns. And I found it AWESOME. I was looking for such a long time for something that could help me get rid of my conditioning and change who I was.

That’s when my spiritual awakening happened. When I shifted the vision I had on myself: from victimhood to empowerment.
“Am I fully healed yet?” Of course not! But that was one of my beliefs. I thought that I was suddenly able to change my whole life in one split second. Nope Nope! When you dive deep into spirituality there are a lot of different teachings and visions. And if some of them resonated for me, some didn’t at all. You are constantly evolving, therefore your visions and values upon life change as well. But when I look back, there are few lessons that I would have loved to learn differently. Here they are:

5 lessons from my spiritual awakening

5 lessons from my spiritual awakening

1. Finding your Twin Flame won’t make you happy


Yep! As a big romantic I was searching for my twin flame. And at that time my twin flame was for me the love of my life. I was so sure that once I would meet that person I would be happy in love, things would work out between us and we would end our days hand in hand.
What happened? I met my twin flame, discover a completely different type of energy than I expected. It was a devastating burning fire that left me in shamble for a while, teaching me at the same time the difference between true love and trauma bonding. That was insightful!

If you are also in a tumultuous twin flame relationship I suggest you have a look here.

2. Not a single modality will “save you”

That’s one of the biggest lessons from my spiritual awakening. You know how we can sometimes go from learning one modality to another just because we want “something that will work”? I agree, not every modality works on everyone. But if you are not ready to shift, if you are not willing to get over your patterns and change, if you are still waiting to be rescued: nothing will work. It has to come from you, from a deep inspiration for change and willingness to take action for it.

3.  Truth is never absolute


When one of my therapists was saying something, I would consider it as true without thinking about it. Just because “they said so”. I was happy to be given a direction in life and I would make a transfer between my parents and my coaches. (You know, like a child would still believe that their parents are always right). The fact is: they can be wrong, they are humans. When it comes to making decisions for yourself: this is your responsibility, even if someone told you to do it.

4. Healing is a journey 

“I would do one more session and then I am done”. Self-growth is never “done”. Self-growth is a process, it requires time and commitment. I thought my whole life would be fixed after a couple of sessions. It’s been more than three years now, I still have conditionings to unfold, still have decisions that I can make different, still have things I don’t want to look at because it would change too much of me at the same time. and that’s okay because my journey is getting me to a place where I feel more happy, empowered, and serene. 

5. Everything you are experiencing is normal

I am lucky because even if some people thought of me as “weird” or got scared of me during my spiritual awakening, my closest friends remained the same or evolved with me. Some of them got even more curious or took the step and followed me into a new mindset. but the one who put a huge judgment on me was myself. I was questioning my mental health, wondering if I was becoming crazy. At the same time, there was no coming back. I didn’t come that far just to go back thinking the old way. Well, sometimes I did a few steps back but it was only to come back up again. Everything I was experiencing was normal, my dark night of the soul, my rejection of spirituality, my full dive into other realms. It requires experience to find balance, like you would explore different food before finding the one you like, see? 

Spiritual awakening is about growing through the lessons life places on your way

I had to go through those lessons by myself. And if I got told any of this at the beginning I would probably not have listened. But if there is any point you resonate with that might help you on your journey, I am glad you got here. My spiritual awakening is not yours. You might experience something completely different. And if you have any questions regarding where you are at in your spiritual journey, feel free to contact me and let’s have a chat!

Or maybe you want to try a session with me? In that case, go there.


I am Héra, Spiritual teacher and intuitive healer and the Creator of Love Is the First Step. My purpose is to bring joy and peace in your relationships through a journey to self-love. 

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