5 journaling tips for emotional healing

Here are some tips to help you set up a journaling practice for your emotional health! 

If you know me a bit, you probably know that I am a journaling addict.

I journal in the morning to plan my day, I have approximately 16 notebooks (all with a different purpose), I use them for gratitude, bullet lists, memories, creative practices… ANYWAY, this is one of my favorite media. And it is probably because I can use it in my personal, professional and spiritual practice. (aaaaand because it’s pretty).

When we journal it literally transfers the words to the paper. It is a complete surrendering exercise in itself. You wonder how to stop thinking about something? Write it down. You are having doubts and questions? Write them down! You are emotionally overwhelmed: put it on paper! Your notebook can handle it (and will be really happy to).

Sometimes our minds are blocking us from accessing a better emotional balance. We are facing a blank screen. We don’t know what to create or how. And that’s because our current world makes us using our LOGIC more than our CREATIVITY. Or once you are using creativity, you are opening your life to a flow of new ideas and joy. It also connects you to your intuition and you will be more in tune with what brings you JOY.

And when you are joyful, you are connected to your inner child. How amazing is that? (pssst: If you struggle with this connection, contact me or try a reparenting session with me). Are you ready for 5 journaling tips for emotional healing? Let’s dive in!

5 journaling tips for emotional health

5 journaling tips for emotional healing

First of, dedicate time and space for your practice.

That seems like a bit of no-brainer advice though that’s usually the first excuse we find when justifying not doing something “I don’t have the time”. Let’s face it: Time can be created. For creating sacred space, go somewhere you will be comfortable. It can be your favorite cafe or your bedroom. Just be sure to make it a place that will help you spread your emotions on paper.

  1. Make lists

To help you make decisions, knowing what you want, remembering memories, write down your favorite moments, songs and movies. Lists are great to help you get into a positive mood. Instead of a to-do list, try a “the things that I like the most about myself” list or “my biggest accomplishments list”. I honestly started my self-love journey by those lists because I was so drowned in a self-deprecated vision of myself that I was constantly negative. It helped me a lot to feel better about myself.


  1. Gratitude

You probably already know this one, but just in case here it is! The gratitude journal is a great tool to see more of what you are grateful for. It also helps to linger in the feeling of gratitude and see the positive every day.


  1. Venting

When venting you will simply put all your emotions on paper. Nevermind if you had a great day or a bad, it is about honoring your emotional state and liberating the energies that can stay stuck. basically, if you are unable to connect to the present moment or if an idea is running in circles in your head this is a great time to take your journal.


  1. Manifesting

Who are you becoming? What is going to happen in the future? Knowing your needs and what you want to see created in your life is going to give you safety and purpose. You are going to feel more aligned and self-confident.


  1. Get creative

If you don’t know how to express what is going on inside you you can simply use visual thinking. You can do collages, lettering, painting, drawing. Only the imagination is a limit. Sometimes images speak better than words, and if you can’t write down what you feel, you can surely give it a shape and a color. Have fun expressing what you feel in images and in words.

journaling tips for emotional healing

How to bring creativity in your journaling practice?

5 journaling tips for emotional health

Do you want to learn to be more creative in your journal practice? The artist Asrar Mousli and I are running a workshop on December 20th. It’s online, at 6 pm CET.

We are going to show you how to implement creativity in your journaling practice and how to enhance your connection to your inner child.


I am Héra, Spiritual teacher and intuitive healer and the Creator of Love Is the First Step. My purpose is to bring joy and peace in your relationships through a journey to self-love. 

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