Spiritual Teacher & Master Energy Healer

Héra Laskri

Explorer of the world, willing to bring universal understanding to all souls on their spiritual journey. I create programs, run spiritual events and share this knowledge around the world so that every one of you can find out where you are at and how to take the next step in your life. I am here to help you embrace who you truly are, to get you closer to your inner light and to disconnect you from the distorted version of yourself. I am here to help you love yourself, the earth, the people around you. I want to teach everyone to reach their light, their beauty and to make it shine so bright that they make an unforgettable impact on earth. I am here to give you the strength to wash away your fears and step-up in your dreams. To make you reach your highest potential, your highest self.

How May I Help You?

There are many ways we can connect. Privately, in class, through our spiritual community. Find out the best option for you and let’s meet !

private coaching

Private Coaching

Feeling stuck means you need growth. Coaching sessions can help you get clarity about your life purpose, your dreams, goals and how to achieve them.


Theta Healing Classes

Learn the Theta Healing technique and take a huge step in your reality. You will be able to apply the technique on yourself and on others if you choose to.

waking life


Be part of a spiritual community and enjoy weekly group healing and activations.
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Guided Meditation

Private Healing

Make a significative improvement in your reality and step into your own revolution. No more dwelling in the past, let’s create the future.


Soul Travel

Travel through other realms using a costumised Crystal layout. Enjoy a deep state of trance and receive messages and activations from beyond. What you can do :

  • Shapeshifting
  • Extra & Intra terrestrial
  • Past & Future lives
  • Akhasic Records
  • 5th plane with the Ascended Masters, angels & guides

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