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My mission?

Spiritual traveler and explorer of the world, willing to bring universal understanding to all souls on their spiritual journey. I create programs, run spiritual events and share this knowledge around the world so that every one of you can find out where you are at and how to take the next step in your life. I am here to help you embrace who you truly are, to get you closer to your inner light and to disconnect you from the distorted version of yourself. I am here to help you love yourself, the earth, the people around you. I want to teach everyone to reach their light, their beauty and to make it shine so bright that they make an unforgettable impact on earth. I am here to give you the strength to wash away your fears and step-up in your dreams. To make you reach your highest potential, your highest self.

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Theta Healing® Courses

Stuck in Life ?

Feeling stuck on your current path ? Feeling like you don’t know what to do, where to go, how to act ? Feeling stuck means you need growth. Coaching sessions can help you get clarity about your life purpose, your dreams, goals and how to achieve them.


Not trusting that you can get this job ? This soulmate ? This lifestyle you are dreaming of ? We will work together to help you reconnect with your self-worth, self-trust and your purpose.

Repetitive patterns

Get a better understanding on how to step-out of the recurring situations in your life. Find out the roots of it and make it stop for your highest best.

Anxiety and Depression

Are you struggling with over stress, anxiety and depression ? This is the result of different components, both physiological and emotional that need to be understood and taken care of. Live the life you really want.

Emotional Unbalance

Don’t know how to deal with your emotions ? Feeling overwhelmed most of the time ? Do you feel like you need to supress your emotions to manage them ? You don’t, and it’s actually not the best for your health. Let’s teach you how to deal with your emotions on your daily life and give you the most appropriate tools to implement this peace in each area of your life.

Eating Disorders and Addictions

Most of eating disorders are the result of emotional issues or habits that were born in childhood. Addictions help you suppress your emotions so you won’t have to face what is really going on. Get your power back over your food, alcohol and cigarettes and embrace a healthy lifestyle.

Many other issues can be addressed. Why not just send me a message and explain where you are at? We will figure out the perfect plan for you.

For who?

I address my work to commit people that want to change their life and reach their higher potential. I mostly work with awakened people that are self-conscious and know that they are creator of their reality. People that are ready to take the responsibility of their progress in their hands. Are you ready to let go of the past experiences that don’t serve you? Are you ready to reconnect with your inner light and the amazing soul you truly are?  Are you ready to step-up in your higher potential?

Book a clarity call so we can have a chat about what you would like to achieve.

How is this working?

The reality of life is determined by your beliefs. Some are empowering, other are limiting. Most of your limiting beliefs were created in your childhood, when your brain is in a theta state and absorb everything. Other beliefs may not even be your own. You may carry it through your DNA from your ancestors. This include traumas that are stuck in your nervous system.

During a session, we work on reprogramming your subconscious limiting beliefs that block you from achieving your goals. Once the beliefs are cleared, you have a better clarity on your path, you no longer act from a place of limitation but from a place of complete freedom, creation and playfulness.

I also use my skills in energy healing to open up your energy centres and help you feeling more balanced. At the end of the session, you are not alone: I provide you with tools to track your progression and keep the momentum.

Who am I?

Intuitive healer, spiritual teacher and life coach, I started to travel the world to help awakened souls on their spiritual journey. I use various healing modalities, from energy healing to cells reprogramming. I run spiritual events such as meditation evenings, workshops, and talks to help people have a better understanding of themselves.

During 12 years, I struggled with depression and apathy. I couldn’t find my place on earth and didn’t even really wanted to find it. I was emotionally unbalanced and was constantly unhappy. Turns out I was punishing myself as a respond to my external environment. When I finally asked for help, things started to get better. I healed a lot of emotional wounds and subconscious programming, got rid of what didn’t serve me anymore. I had awakened, and there was no turning back. I reconnected with my psychic abilities, my intuition and my life purpose until I embodied the spiritual being I really am. Now what I want is to share what I am learning from this journey and help other spiritual beings on the way.


Please note that I am only offering package sessions. In one session, we can make a lot of progress, but it takes more to change your life or get rid of patterns you have been carrying your entire life. The more you are involved, the more you are willing to work on yourself, the funnier the healing gets. And a lot can be cleared.

  • You can book the sessions for 12 months after purchase date.
  • The discovery session can only be booked once.
  • You cannot drink alcohol up to 12 hours before the session.
  • It is necessary to drink water before each session. This facilitate the muscle tests needed for this modality.

Can’t find what you need? Send me a message and we can figure a special plan for you!

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