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Hera laskri intuitive healer

Héra Laskri

I am an Intuitive Healer, Theta Healing teacher and art enthusiat

Every process of healing is here to open your heart and let more love in. Every challenge or issue you have is a calling of your soul to create a healthier and more compassionate relationship with yourself. By clearing what keeps you from instilling love in your life you are allowing new paths of realisation and accomplishments.

I am here to help empaths and old souls retrieve their truth through healing and art-based solutions that bring love back into their hearts. For that, I craft self-love programs, teach how to reconnect and heal the inner child and provide Theta Healing classes

How to connect?

private coaching

Healing sessions

What is hurt inside of you can be healed. You feel lost, stuck and in need of reconnection to yourself? This feeling of disconnection is at the core of the Reparenting process


Theta Healing Classes

Learn the Theta Healing technique and take a huge step in your reality. You will be able to apply the technique on yourself and on others if you choose to.

waking life

Free Resources

Energy healings, clearings and other tools available for you to start your own self-healing journey

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